Michelle Fletcher – Bikini Competitor

Chris Javier

Hi my name is Michelle and I’m a bikini competitor and avid fitness enthusiast. As such I’ve tried countless fat burning and thermogenic products. I’m extra sensitive to caffeinated products so I can’t count on those for pre competition or when I need that extra boost. I was hyped when sweat effect came on the scene cause it met everything I was looking for… non stim, fat burning, diuretic, thermogenic and so on. I took 1 capsule as recommended and got to my cardio, I’m conditioned for over an hour on stairs so it takes a lot to get me sweating, about 1/2 hr in it started hitting, I started sweating and it just intensified from there. I love to sweat, so it felt great, I noticed the more I sweat the better I felt. Energy went up and I was able to go up 2 Levels! I completed just over an hour and was completely drenched! Felt amazing. I didn’t feel burnt out after my workout either. The effects lasted quite a while and I noticed better energy throughout the day. I continued to take sweat effect the rest of my peak weak and it did not disappoint !!! I continue to use it on days I feel watery and I find it helps squeeze out more water than if I don’t take it !!! All in all an incredible non stim tool to add in my arsenal!