Matthew Abadi – Professional Boxer

Chris Javier

Hey, my name is Matthew Abadi. I’m a professional boxer fighting at Grant’s MMA in Toronto, Canada. I made my pro debut six months ago at 160 pounds. The day before my fight, I weighed in at 171 pounds. I took the Sweat Effect pill and it made cutting/making the weight so easy. I put the sauna suit on for an hour and I skipped for 30 minutes and I did some light shadow boxing for around 20 minutes. Did some stretching after, took the sauna suit off, thinking I was going to lose four to five pounds. I lost seven pounds. But the crazy thing is, I took a shower and I continued to sweat a couple of hours after my workout. Checked my weight maybe 3 hours after my workout. I lost a total of eleven pounds from taking this pill. The pill, it made cutting weight so easy. And I’m never going to make weight without Sweat Effect again.